Being Totally Peaceful


I was thinking about getting banned from Amazon and Twitter and how it was my fault, it was shitty of me to publish a book making fun of Chuck Wendig. I know he can be a jerk but, in the end, that’s his business.

Is it worth getting caught up in these stupid culture wars? Does insulting people and mocking people accomplish anything?

I am retiring the Kitty Glitter name, it has become associated with too much mean-spirited activity. Being a dick no longer interests me.

Under the Cum Carmichael/Pussy Tantrum name I shall become an agent of peace and love, and creation. To be an outsider artist means you devote your life to creation, creation must be apolitical if it is to remain pure.

The picture of John Lennon that accompanies this post was made to honor a man who devoted his life to peace and love.

There’s so much meanness in the world, to contribute any more is a waste of life, and even worse, it’s a waste of imagination.

Blob Zombie: Concept Art From Rob Zombie’s Cancelled Blob Remake

I noticed today that a lot of sites like Screen Rant and Dread Central posted pictures of the concept art from Rob Zombie’s cancelled Blob remake.  I always find it interesting with these news blogging media sites, or whatever it is they are, that all they do is regurgitate the same information and post the same pictures, and then act like they are doing journalism or writing.

It bothers me that people like this identify as writers or journalists when all they do is copy paste information from press releases, and download photos from someone’s social media or website.

I decided to do the same thing today in the hopes of driving traffic to my site.  So here is some concept art from Rob Zombie’s cancelled Blob remake.  Look, I just did journalism.


The Fault In Our Meows


The Fault In Our Meows is a book I wrote about a kitty who becomes suicidal after his owner commits suicide.

Overall this is a pretty suicidal book.  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy just find my books link in the Pussy Tantrum menu.

You could tell Rose Byrne was sad but she didn’t want to cry in front of all these guys, but she made the grumpiest face ever.

Then Rose Byrne was in a room with all these guys with shiny buttons on their shirts, and they had guns and one guy was like, “Sorry Mr. Rose Byrne but catching these criminals is totally impossible, it was too random.”

But Rose Byrne was like, “I want justice!  You cops suck!  I should totally clean up this city myself.”

“You can’t buy guns in this city Rose Byrne,” the cop said, and he had a mustache and was like, “Be a good Rose Byrne and go home.  Find a new wife.  You can’t just go around totally getting revenge.  It’s not like you have a death wish or something.”

“Humph!” Rose Byrne said, “Maybe I do have a death wish.  I used to be a totally liberal accountant and think that criminals needed fair trials, but my family’s murder changed me.  Now I totally need to get revenge so I can feel happy again.”

Then in another scene Rose Byrne was on vacation in Texas for some reason, and this guy in a cowboy hat was like, “Y’all are cool Rose Byrne.  Here’s a gun I got y’all as a gift.”

Then the guy gave Rose Byrne the giantest gun ever.  And then the rest of the movie Rose Byrne walked around New York shooting bad people with her gun, and her face looked totally happy, and even her sad Rose Byrne eyes looked happy, and she made a finger-gun with her hand and pointed it out the screen at us, like me and the bird were bad guys she was gonna shoot, then it was the end…

On the way out of the theater Kittles heard the fat guy complaining to the girl in the ticket booth.

Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine And Other Stories



UPDATE:  I was banned from and my store was shut down after I was reported by Chuck Wendig.  So forget about this post bro!

I recently discovered which is a new digital selling platform.  I am excited about it because it seems to give you full control over what you can publish.  I was able to publish a book that violated the TOS of pretty much every digital publishing platform.

I value freedom of speech when it comes to publishing and with Payhip I feel like I finally have that.

I republished my collection Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine And Other Stories through Payhip, so click the link if you’re interested in purchasing it.  Us self-published street writers can use all the support we get, every sale feels like winning the lottery.

You won’t read another collection that’s as silly or deranged as mine, I can promise you that!

My Screenwriting Journey #1: The Beginning


I started taking this cheap online screenwriting class.  I watch a lot of movies so I figured it would be cool to try writing one of my own.

For the first assignment we had to write a one sentence concept for a movie, so this is mine:

It’s 1954 in Hollywood and James Dean must overcome his fear of the supernatural so that he can spend the night in a demon haunted house to win the respect of Marlon Brando.

I plan to call this movie Night Of The Fiends.  My actual idea, beyond this one sentence concept, is a lot more bizarre and it involves kitties, but I couldn’t really work that into the simple one sentence concept restriction.

So I hope you will join me on my screenwriting journey and see where it goes!

The Strangers: Partially Blocked Driveway


I just drew this cover for a book I will be working on, it’s called The Strangers: Partially Blocked Driveway.

This will be the second in a series of stories that begins with Call Me By Your AIDS.

The green kitty with an eyepatch is the main character of Call Me By Your AIDS, his name is Master Of Cumming.

The Strangers: Partially Blocked Driveway will have Master Of Cumming get into a conflict with The Strangers from the horror movie series.  Not sure if using these characters will be a copyright issues, but hopefully it won’t, since it’s like parody or something.

Hanoi Kitty Glitter: Podcast Propaganda

I was doing an interview with the Bizzong podcast tonight, and it reminded me of other podcast interviews I’d done, so I figured I’d make a post about them.

I also found this old tweet that the notorious Chuck Wendig made about me all the way back in 2012, and decided to share a screenshot I took of it.  I had to log out of my Twitter account to see it since he has me blocked.


Having Chuck tweet about me reminded me of something Gwyneth Paltrow said in the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley:

“The thing with Dickie… it’s like the sun shines on you, and it’s glorious. And then he forgets you and it’s very, very cold.”

That’s how I felt, Chuck Wendig shined the light on me for one brief moment, it was glorious, and ever since all I’ve felt was coldness.

And here are links to the podcasts I’ve been a guest on so far, the first is from Lost At Home and the second is from Mr. Deadman’s The Shitshow:

Lost At Home Podcast

Mr. Deadman’s The Shitshow