The Pussy Centipede #49: Duran Duran Lily Allen AIDS Mask Herpes Face

Today’s episode of The Pussy Centipede is possibly the most exciting episode yet! Not only is it hosted by princess Kate Middleton but it also features British superstars Simon LeBon and Lily Allen!

This episode is a tribute to British culture and ’80s horror slasher films and features a score by the talented White Bat Audio!  If you’re in need of royalty free horror music make sure to check out his channel on Youtube!

If you’re enjoying The Pussy Centipede and would like to show your support, why not consider purchasing a totally awesome EBook from Bunnula Publishing.  The books are only three dollars and every dollar goes to support The Pussy Centipede!


My The Strangers: Prey At Night Doll

pjimage (2)

My favorite movie ever is The Strangers Prey At Night.

The other day I found some dolls at The Goodwill, and I thought I could use them to make a doll of Dollface from The Strangers Prey At Night.

A couple of weeks after I found the dolls I found a Monster High accessory kit that included a doll mask that looks a lot like Dollface’s mask.

I still need to get clothes that are more like the ones Dollface wears, but I think my Dollface doll is coming along pretty well so far!

Comment below and let me know what you think!



Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart


The opening pages from a yellowed copy of my book Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart.  This book has not been in print since the late 1960’s but you can get a digital copy by clicking here!

Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart tells the story of a shark, kitty, and bunny who are forced to team up to destroy a murderous Eagle.  The book also features a performance by Poppy!

It’s not easy to get people to buy and read weird books like the ones I write, but you really have nothing to lose, if you hate the book you can always get a refund!


The Strangers: Meow At Night


My favorite movie ever is The Strangers Prey At Night.  I could watch it a million times and never get sick of it.

It would be my dream to write the next film in The Strangers franchise and have it be about The Strangers going after kitties.

If you click the picture above it will take you to a link for my petition on to help get me hired to write this film!