The Pussy Centipede #52

The 52nd episode of The Pussy Centipede podcast has been released.  I had strep throat but luckily I was able to get my fiancee to record this episode for me.  Please check it out, I think she did a really good job, plus she wrote and original song just for this episode.

If you’re not listening to the show you’re really missing out!

The Pussy Centipede #50: Princess Di! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die! Di…

The fiftieth episode of The Pussy Centipede is up!  This show has come a long way since its humble beginnings last summer, now we have a single fan.  One fan is a good start though, pretty soon one fan becomes two fans and if you have two fans then you have a show that’s worth something!

It’s just like in Young Guns when Billy The Kid tells Chavez Y Chavez, “You have yourself a few pals, you have yourself a tribe.”

I don’t remember if that’s the exact quote, but it’s pretty much what he said.


The Pussy Centipede #48: Kate Middleton, “The Queen Of Nowhere”


I’m excited to announce a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This is the fourth scripted show, and the fourth to be recorded using a Tascam 4-Track Cassette Machine.  This is an episode I struggled with, it’s hard to do multiple British voices in one episode, and it’s especially hard to do British without slipping into Australian or Irish.  At least all my accents are consistently terrible.  I also had to do several tigery voices.  Anyway, please check out the new episode.  Listens have been down lately and if you’re a fan of the show please make sure to share links on your social media and leave reviews on the podcasting platform of your choice.  It really helps, especially when doing a weird ass podcast like this:

Linnea Quigley On The Pussy Centipede!


I’m happy to announce that Scream Queen Linnea Quigley will be the guest narrator for the one year anniversary episode of The Pussy Centipede.

The episode will air on 7/15/19 and be called Imitation Of Bunnula,  it’s going to be my adaptation of the classic Twilight Zone episode Mirror Image.  I am so excited that Linnea has agreed to do this.  I have been a huge fan of her work since I was a kid.

If you’re not familiar with her work definitely check out this clip from Night Of The Demons:

The Pussy Centipede #46: Bunnula’s Sleep Snack

I haven’t kept up with posting about The Pussy Centipede on here, I never used to be able to embed episodes inside of posts, but it seems to be working with RadioPublic.

The last two episodes of The Pussy Centipede were the first to ever be written in advance.  Before that I’d always made them up off the top of my head.  So far I am happier doing the scripted episodes.  It was a lot of pressure trying to do the whole recording in one take and improvise everything.  I feel like having the script has improved my acting a lot as far a playing the different characters.

Anyway, check out the new episode and share it with your friends.  Also make sure to get the official Bunnula t-shirt (link in menu).

The Pussy Centipede #33: The Serbian Powers Of Mila Kunis!

In this exciting new episode of The Pussy Centipede Mila Kunis is forced to invoke her Serbian powers!

This episode is sponsored by @TheBruvsTV.  Follow them on Twitter and look up their totally awesome animated series The Bruvs on Youtube!

I drew this picture of my favorite Fox News reporter Emily Compagno sitting on Doctor Of Kittes.  Click the picture to hear the new episode: