The Pussy Centipede Will End At 69



It’s been a year since I started The Pussy Centipede podcast, and I have decided to end the show at episode 69.  I originally started the show just to be stupid and as an experiment in storytelling.

At this point I learned a lot from doing it, and am proud to have the only podcast ever recorded on cassette, but I no longer feel interested in continuing the show.  I plan to do thirteen more episodes in order the end the show with 69 episodes.

Thanks to everyone who has listened to the show.

The Pussy Centipede #52

The 52nd episode of The Pussy Centipede podcast has been released.  I had strep throat but luckily I was able to get my fiancee to record this episode for me.  Please check it out, I think she did a really good job, plus she wrote and original song just for this episode.

If you’re not listening to the show you’re really missing out!

The Pussy Centipede #49: Duran Duran Lily Allen AIDS Mask Herpes Face

Today’s episode of The Pussy Centipede is possibly the most exciting episode yet! Not only is it hosted by princess Kate Middleton but it also features British superstars Simon LeBon and Lily Allen!

This episode is a tribute to British culture and ’80s horror slasher films and features a score by the talented White Bat Audio!  If you’re in need of royalty free horror music make sure to check out his channel on Youtube!

If you’re enjoying The Pussy Centipede and would like to show your support, why not consider purchasing a totally awesome EBook from Bunnula Publishing.  The books are only three dollars and every dollar goes to support The Pussy Centipede!


The Pussy Centipede #48: Kate Middleton, “The Queen Of Nowhere”


I’m excited to announce a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This is the fourth scripted show, and the fourth to be recorded using a Tascam 4-Track Cassette Machine.  This is an episode I struggled with, it’s hard to do multiple British voices in one episode, and it’s especially hard to do British without slipping into Australian or Irish.  At least all my accents are consistently terrible.  I also had to do several tigery voices.  Anyway, please check out the new episode.  Listens have been down lately and if you’re a fan of the show please make sure to share links on your social media and leave reviews on the podcasting platform of your choice.  It really helps, especially when doing a weird ass podcast like this:

The Pussy Centipede #47: The Return Of Bobby Trendy

I’m happy to post a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This will be the third episode I scripted in advance and so far I’ve been able to keep up with my weekly schedule of releasing an episode every Wednesday.

This episode was recorded on cassette tape using a Tascam machine, I had hoped to be able to record this on a Sony MiniDisc recorder but, unfortunately, the MiniDisc I bought on EBay was not working properly and I had to return it.  I hope one day I’ll be able to find a MiniDisc recorder in working order.

Here is the new episiode, which details the return of the greatest villain The Pussy Centipede has seen so far, notorious interior designer Bobby Trendy!

The Pussy Centipede Travels Into Future!


I am happy to announce that The Pussy Centipede podcast will now be recorded on advanced cassette technology.  We are moving podcasting into the analog future!

So many lazy jerks record their podcast using antiquated digital technologies, which is probably why they are all so shitty and lame!

So our newest episode, The Pussy Centipede #41: All Scorpions Are Born In Late February, will be the first ever podcast recorded on cassette tape recording technology!

The Pussy Centipede: This Sweet Kittyness

When The Pussy Centipede podcast comes back I will be doing an adaptation/homage to my favorite novel: Patricia Highsmith’s This Sweet Sickness.

It’s not really going to be a straight adaptation since I don’t have the rights, it’s just going to be a really similar story, with a really similar plot.  This is going to be the most ambitious thing I’ve tried with The Pussy Centipede, and it might also be the crappiest.

It’s likely that nobody will enjoy this except for me.  I made this preview poster for it, check it out!