The Pussy Centipede #33: The Serbian Powers Of Mila Kunis!

In this exciting new episode of The Pussy Centipede Mila Kunis is forced to invoke her Serbian powers!

This episode is sponsored by @TheBruvsTV.  Follow them on Twitter and look up their totally awesome animated series The Bruvs on Youtube!

I drew this picture of my favorite Fox News reporter Emily Compagno sitting on Doctor Of Kittes.  Click the picture to hear the new episode:



The Pussy Centipede #32: Paul Joseph Watson’s Improper Cum Guilt

I’m excited to announce a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This episode focuses on Paul Joseph Watson’s improper guilt.  I am happy to announce that this episode also introduces the fact that Doctor Of Kitties drives a Geo Metro.

In other news I recently received my first ever review of The Pussy Centipede on Sticher, it was one star and the person said, “This podcast made my ears bleed.  Avoid at all costs!”

Isn’t that awesome?  Click the photo of the Geo Metro below to hear the new episode!