Call Me By Your AIDS And Other Upcoming Projects

I am currently working on a couple of new books.  It never takes me long because my books are usually less than twenty pages or less, and I don’t really edit them.

It’s the way you have to write on the streets, when you’re running from bullets and people are throwing pieces of crack at you, you have to write and publish as fast as you can.

Don’t ever spend more than two minutes on the cover art either, and try to use crayons whenever you can.

I drew these two book covers for books I plan to write, and I’m gonna come up with the plots using this random Creepypasta plot generator:


Call Me By Your AIDS probably involves a green cat, a witch, a dimensional doorway, and a blob monster.


Charles Manson Vs. The Lords Of AIDSTown is probably about a real estate dispute between maniacs.


Squad Goals is the story of a bunny murder gang who are thrown for a loop when their toughest member comes out a gay.

Kitty Glitter: Pop Writer

New Pop Lit wrote this totally awesome article about The Wet Clits!



kgcoverswastika69A Review by Karl Wenclas

There are many kinds of pop writing, among them Noir Pop, Fun Pop, Romantic Pop, Trash Pop, Speed Pop, and Beat Pop. There’s also Extreme Pop (a variation of Trash Pop) of which the master is a mysterious individual named Kitty Glitter who’s been making waves across the internet. (See this interviewat Jezebel magazine.) Obtaining fans but also receiving some of the worst (and best) ratings and most outraged reader comments ever seen at Amazon.

We’re not advocates of Extreme Pop, but we are extreme advocates of Pop writing. Kitty Glitter’s version of it is striking. Not the writing so much as the presentation of the writing– and the promotion of the presentation. Warholesque. As with Andy Warhol, the P.T. Barnum promotion itself is the art.

Is this person on to something? Satirizing American pop culture icons from Katy Perry to…

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