Banned Books: The Matrix X: Morpheus Gets Raped by Kitty Glitter

This is a shitty book I wrote that I can’t publish anywhere without violating terms of service.  It’s a The Matrix fan fiction that’s kind of about rape.


The Matrix X: Morpheus Gets Raped



Kitty Glitter

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.

Copyright © 2017 Kitty Glitter. All rights reserved. Including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof, in any form. No part of this text may be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of the author.

Version 2017.08.26




A vast ocean, so endlessly deep and dark that the water looks pitch black.


This is a dangerous sea that even the worst pirate would be afraid to sail on…


This is the ocean of rape…


And deep below the water, a duo of terrible creatures float around staring at a picture of a puppy on an iPad…


A fat shark with sideburns, and big 70’s style eyeglasses scowls at the puppy on the iPad screen as the video shows the puppy raping, then snuggling several people.


“TBH Maniac of the Ocean,” said a giant sea squid who also had sideburns and big 70’s style eyeglasses, “his rape style is quite fascinating to me.”


“Careful Psycho of the Sea,” Maniac of the Ocean said, “don’t let the puppy’s style blind you to his mediocre technique.”


“With all due respect,” Psycho of the Sea said, “it would not be productive for us to try and delude ourselves into thinking that this puppy is not the chosen one, he is clearly the best raper ever.”


“I regret I have no choice but to concur,” Maniac of the Ocean said, “it would not serve us well to retreat into delusion.”


“Yes comrade,” Psycho of the Seas said, “I suspect that the two of us together, our rape powers combined, can destroy Puppy of Snuggles.”


“Yes,” Maniac of the Ocean said, “we are the true kings of the ocean of rape.”


















Chapter One


“How the fuck is this even happening?” thought Morpheus, as he screamed from the pain of Neo’s dick fucking his pee hole.


As Neo humped Morpheus’s cock, Mr. Smith (dressed in his crisp black suit) whispered Regina Spektor lyrics into Morpheus’s black ear, “on the radio, they played November Rain, that solo’s really long, but it’s a pretty sound.”


“Dude,” laughed Neo, “I never knew Regina Spektor was rape rock.”


Then Neo doubled up his humping speed, and Morpheus screamed as he felt his inner dick being ripped up.  


“You were the chosen one,” screamed Morpheus, “you were supposed to destroy the Matrix!  Not leave the universe in darkness!”


“Stop crying bitch,” Neo said, “you’re gonna make me lose my nut.”


“Yes,” said Mr. Smith, “my boner is dwindling, whatever happened to the tough black guy who was like ‘Yo Neo pick the red pill, we need to take this Matrix out yo!’”


“Stop raping me!” cried Morpheus.


“Dude I know fuck fu!” laughed Neo, as he spurt a hot rope of cum up into Morpheus’s dick hole, it went so far up Morpheus’s dick that it filled his own balls with Neo cum.


The mix of Neo and Morpheus cum was too much, and Morpheus’s balls exploded in a shower of bloody cum and ball flesh!!!


“Ayeee!” screamed Morpheus in a high pitched neutered voice, “my nuts!”


“I came dude,” Neo said as he stepped off Morpheus’s dick, and put his black leather cat suit back on, “I believe it’s your turn Mr. Smith.”


“Neo,” Mr. Smith said, “if I may inquire, how exactly did you penetrate Morpheus’s dick hole?  It seems my dick may be too thick to enter properly.”


“Dude,” Neo laughed, “I totally used my Matrix powers to make my dick like a needle in order to totally facilitate full dickhole penetration.”


“Ayeee!” cried Morpheus, “if you’re going to rape me at least rub morphine on my nuts!  The pain is too much!”


“Morphine for Morpheus,” Mr. Smith giggled as he turned his dick into a needle shape, and mounted Morpheus’s dick.


“Please,” Morpheus cried, “I’ll suck your dick for some morphine!”


“Uh,” Mr. Smith said as he humped Morpheus’s dick, “stop crying like a faggot, and fuck you Neo!”


“Fuck me?” Neo said as he pointed to himself, “why?”


“His dick hole is too loose after you fucked it, I’m not going to be able to cum,” Mr. Smith said.


“Dude,” Neo said, “it’s not loose, it’s just my cum lubed it up too much.”


Then Neo pulled out a white dishcloth.


“Dude,” Neo said, “totally dry his dick hole out with this dishcloth, and then fuck it.  You’ll totally cum hard.”


“I have a better solution,” sneered Mr. Smith, “I’ve used my Matrix powers to increase the volume of my penis, therefore increasing the friction.  It may cause Morpheus more pain, but what’s more pain to Morpheus?”


Then Morpheus screamed as Mr. Smith forced his dick into his dickhole, and fucked it until he came.  Mr. Smith’s computerized cum shot out of Morpheus’s ball hole in bullet time.


“Dude,” Neo laughed, “get off.  I want to fuck Morpheus in his mouth now!”


“Not until after I fuck his butt,” sneered Mr. Smith.


“Totally not cool dude,” scoffed Neo.


“What’s uncool,” said a snuggly voice, “is that I just killed Mr. Smith with my computerizer gun!?!”


Then Neo heard a laser blast, and Mr. Smith screamed as he dissolved into pixels, in bullet time…












Chapter 2


In a glassine bubble beneath the waves of the ocean of rape…


A fluffy brown British kitty named Britter sits at a computerized terminal studying graphs and radar.


Behind him, on a brown fluffy couch, sits a large blonde man who seems to be over seven feet tall, he has butt length curly hair and is naked, except for a pair of acid washed chaps, he is also totally ripped.  In his hands, this blonde giant holds a book with a yellow cover.  The title reads NAKED BUTT by William S. Boros.


“How reads the book my dear associate?” Britter said.


It was then that the man threw the book across the glassine enclosed room.


“I’d stake my own name, Julian D’Raper,” said Julian D’Raper, “on the opinion that William X. Boros is even more of a mediocrity than William S. Burroughs!!!  Furthermore I declare that Naked Butt is inferior to almost every novel ever written!!!”


“I suppose your opinion justifies my lifelong aversion to the work of Mr. Boros, and I thank you for that dear colleague,” laughed Britter, “naked butt indeed!”


“Look at that undersea rainstorm out there outside our glass bubble,” gasped Julian D’Raper, “the black clouds filter the light in such a manner as to give the ocean a wonderful shade of purple.  It’s times like these that I love the ocean of rape.”


“I once loved this ocean as well,” said Britter with a lost puppy dog expression on his kitty face, “before Maniac of the Ocean and Psycho of the Sea took power and turned this alleged ocean of rape into an ocean of intolerance.”


“You as a furborne one, and I as a landbreather,” cried Julian D’Raper, “our rights are in jeopardy.  Maniac of the Ocean and Psycho of the Sea are nothing more than despots!”


“Take comfort in this my friend,” Britter said as he pointed at the radar screen, “the radar tracker has just given me the location of the chosen one, the prophecy of the sea foretold this man, a so called raper of avalon would deliver the ocean of rape from tyranny.”


“Do you mean this puppy fellow?” Julian D’Raper said, “your old friend from Phillips Academy.”


“Correct,” Britter said, “the chosen one happens to be my old school chum Puppy of Snuggles.  He is the only one with the rape talent to outrape Maniac of the Ocean and Psycho of the Sea!!!”


“We must bring him here immediately,” Julian D’Raper.


“Unfortunately dear lad,” Britter scowled, “there’s a slight sniggle snaggle, and we need your estranged cousin’s help.”


“Sniggle snaggle? Estranged cousin!” exclaimed Julian D’Raper, “that can only mean one thing!”


“Correct,” frowned Britter, “Puppy of Snuggles is lost in the Matrix, and only your cousin can retrieve him.”


“Alas,” Julian D’Raper said, “the fate of the ocean of rape lay in my cousin’s hands.  I have no choice but to break off our estrangement!”


Then Julian D’Raper lifted his transmitter wristband to his mouth and spoke, “Ocean control!”


“Yea Julian,” said the whiney voice of Ocean Control, “whaddya want eh?”


“We have a code sixty-seven here,” said Julian in a grave voice.


“Ya kiddin me here Julian?” said the voice of Ocean Control, “there hasn’t been a code sixty-seven since I joined the ocean force.  I mean we read about it in the academy but c’mon Julian, a frickin’ code sixty-seven?!”


“Unfortunately yes,” Julian D’Raper said, “this is a code sixty-seven situation.”


“Yea?” the voice of Ocean Control said, “what is this? You pullin’ my leg here Julian!”


“Oh blast it Julian, you need to be firm with these ocean control chaps!” screamed Britter as he grabbed Julian’s wristcom and held it up to his kitty mouth.


“Ocean control!” screamed Britter, “stop this foolishness immediately and dictate a telex now!”


“Yea Britter,” the voice of Ocean Control said, “no worries, heard ya loud and clear.  Begin your dictation eh?”


“Address this telex to White Morpheus, care of the Matrix,” Britter said, “Dear White Morpheus, this matter is of the utmost importance,  you must enter the Matrix and find Puppy of Snuggles.  Once you find him you must yellow pill him.  Failure is not an option!  The fate of the ocean of rape depends upon your actions. End telex!”









Chapter 3


Back in the rape chamber…


Neo and Morpheus turned to see a puppy, a puppy who looks just like Cooler from The Pound Puppies except cooler and snugglier.


“Good day mates,” the puppy said, “they call me Puppy of Snuggles.  I’m the snuggliest and coolest puppy in the universe.”


“What do you want dude?” yelled Neo.


“Not much,” sneered Puppy of Snuggles, “I’ll just be raping and murdering your dead bodies, and follow that up with some snuggling.”


“Snuggling?” cried Morpheus.


Then Puppy of Snuggles pulled out a switchblade that had the words Brad Renfro carved into the ghostly colored pearl handle and said, “This is for Brad.”


Then Puppy of Snuggles slit Neo and Morpheus’s throats, and raped their assholes with his puppy dick until he came a lot.


Puppy of Snuggles lathered Neo and Morpheus’s bodies up with blood and puppy cum, then snuggled them like they were bunny rabbits, and he was like, “Aah, nothing like a good snuggle after rape and murder.”


“Unfortunately,” said a black peopley sounding voice, “we be gots mo important matters ta be dealing wit yo!”


“What in the name of snuggles are you even talking about?” Puppy of Snuggles said, “who the snuggly snugs do you think you are to walk in here and interrupt my snuggle time? “


Then the man with the black peopley voice stepped forward from within the shadows to reveal that he was actually a whiteboy.


The man was dressed in Morpheus clothes, and he had a Morpheus goatee, but his skin was pale white and covered in freckles like an Irish, and he had a big brown Jewfro atop his head.


“Check this puppy,” the man said, “ah be’s White Morpheus and ah’m here to tell y’all we gots a serious problem wit dis here universe!”


“You mean the real universe?” Puppy of Snuggles said, “the one that isn’t the Matrix?”


“Dats be da problem exactlee,” White Morpheus said, “this don’t be the real universe yo!”


Puppy of Snuggles made a shocked face.


“This’un here universe,” White Morpheus said, “that Black Morpheus told Neo was real just be another Matrix inside the Matrix.”


“So what’s the real universe?” Puppy of Sunggles said.


“I can’t even tell y’all until you make a choice,” White Morpheus said as he held out his hand.  In the palm of his hand White Morpheus held a brown pill and a yellow pill.


“What the cuddle?” Puppy of Snuggles said in a grouchy voice, “what in the snug of snuggles are those things?”


“One be a poop pill,” White Morpheus said, “the otha be a pee pill.”


“Ew!” Puppy of Snuggles said.


Then Puppy of Snuggles made the grouchiest face the world had ever seen on a puppy.


“You be gots a choice to make snuggle pup,” White Morpheus said, “y’all could poop out on the poop pill and just keep y’all eyes closed.  Stay here in this fake cracker ass inner Matrix and keep doing rapes dat ain’t even real, or…”


“Or what?” Puppy of Snuggles says.


“I ain’t feel comfortable telling y’all,” White Morpheus said.


“Why the snug not?” Puppy of Snuggles said.


“Y’all are too cute,” sneered White Morpheus, “you might get spooked if ya knew who it was was gunnin fur ya.”


“Gunnin fur me?” Puppy of Snuggles growled as he pulled out his Brad Renfro switch knife and stuck the blade up White Morpheus’s ball sack…













Chapter 4


The Ocean of Rape…


Maniac of the Ocean watches his iPad as his tears rain down on the touch screen, blurring the video that shows Puppy of Snuggles on an endless raping spree…


“What eats at you partner?” Psycho of the Sea said as he put his tentacle arm around Maniac of the Ocean’s neck and snuggled him.


“It’s my jealousy, I suppose,” Maniac of the Ocean said, “this puppy’s raping ability is so beautiful it vexes me.  It’s like nothing the ocean has ever seen!”


“Untrue dear partner,” Psycho of the Sea said, “TBH we’ve both been in the presence of a raper whose skills are comparable to Puppy of Snuggles’s if not superior.”


“Unfortunately you’re quite correct dear friend,” Maniac of the Ocean sighed, “it wasn’t just the puppy who vexed me.  It was my memory of the first chosen one. The raper of Lenox Hill.”


“I still remember the day you chopped his dick off,” giggled Psycho of the Sea, “the great raper of Lenox Hill, otherwise known as Julian D’Raper, dickless for life thanks to you!”


“That’s why I was crying,” Maniac of the Ocean said, “I wanted to be the best raper ever, but I cut Julian’s dick off instead.  It should have been rape against rape!”


“Yes,” nodded Psycho of the Sea, “the law of the ocean, rape against rape, rape on rape’s terms and all that.”




















Chapter 5


Puppy of Snuggles stood over White Morpheus and watched him bleed to death from his balls.


“You shouldn’t have snugged around,” Puppy of Snuggles said, “with your dying breath you need to tell me what the cuddle is going on.  What does the pee pill do?  Who is gunning fur me?”


“It be the ocean of rape y’all,” White Morpheus cried out with his dying breath, “the muthafuckin world outside the matrix be nothin but an ocean of rape.  It’s be all dats really real and you’se gots to get there and face dese niggas dat be beefin wit you and puttin you on blast!  Take dat yella pill you broke ass mutha!”


Then White Morpheus died and the brown and yellow pills fell out of his hand and onto the floor of the rape chamber.

Puppy of Snuggles picked the yellow pill up and gobbled it down, trying hard to ignore the pee pee taste that made him want to vomit.

Then he suddenly found the whole space in front of him that turned swirly in blue, and he soon found himself in ocean water.

“What in the snug?” exclaimed Puppy of Snuggles as the freezing water enveloped his puppy body.  But then he soon found himself being sucked by a tractor beam down into a glassine bubble at the bottom of the ocean, and he heard a voice over a loudspeaker that was mounted on top of the bubble say, “Don’t be alarmed good fellow!  Tis I, your friend British friend Britter, since our last rendezvous I’ve teamed up with a rebel faction in the ocean of rape. They want to take power away from Ocean Maniac and Psycho of the Sea, they want to help restore the balance of rape in the universe.”

“What the snug does that have to do with me?” Puppy of Snuggles growled.  

“Because you are the chosen one Puppy of Snuggles,” said Britter, “you were born to be the greatest raper in the ocean of rape!”

Puppy of Snuggles did not recognize the British voice, but he was not suspicious.  The curse of being so cool was that everyone remembered Puppy of Snuggles fondly as a friend, but Puppy of Snuggles remembered no one, he was just way too aloof.




In Ocean Of Rape:  The Matrix Wars















Listen To The Pussy Centipede!


I know I posted earlier about my return to The Pussy Centipede, but I’ve never really posted about the show itself.

The Pussy Centipede is a storytelling podcast that was inspired by puppies, kitties, The Anna Nicole Smith Show, and The Human Centipede.  It’s hosted by my alter ego Kid Clit or Clit Kid, he’s the baddest radio DJ this side of Cincinnati and has often been compared to Alan Berg.

Alan Berg

It’s lit AF and you really need to check it out.  So far there’s twenty-one episodes.  Just click the photos or find the link in the Pussy Tantrum menu!



My Screenwriting Journey #4


The fourth section of my screenwriting class is focused on creating characters.

I am going to post the assignment here, and what I came up with for it.

Try doing this exercise yourself, you might have fun and learn something about yourself bro:

Let’s create a character! We’re all going to start at the same place—with a conflict:

She’s got a wonderful life, the one she always planned for. And she’s about to take the last step that’s going to make everything perfect. But it’s days away from that cherished completion, and she’s torn between going ahead and fulfilling her dreams or throwing it all away on something she’s always hated the thought of.

And the rest is . . . yours! Who is this woman, and what’s the life she’s always wanted? What is she about to get or become or do, and what is the thing she’s tempted to throw it all away for?

No need for an elaborate biography—just something like we did for Judge Mary in Chapter 3. And when you’re done, put it up in the Discussion Area and see how different—or how similar—your character is to those of your classmates!

This is what I came up with:

Sue Tissue has been working on her piano compositions for years and is ready to release her debut album.  Preview copies of the album are already generating a lot of good buzz with the music press.  Then a strange girl contacts Sue online.  It turns out that when Sue was a teenager she had a deranged obsession with building a tiny gladiator Colloseum.  An arena designed to pit hamsters and mice in life or death combat against gladiator kittens.  Sue spent her whole life trying to overcome her sick urges to torture animals in this manner, but this deranged young girl has come across Sue’s old website that had her Colloseum blueprints posted on it.  This girl has some suggestions to bring her Colloseum to life, and also has access to an endless supply of kittens, hamsters, and mice.

Against her better judgement, Sue feels tempted to join this girl in building the tiny Colloseum and finally living out her sick childhood dreams.  But this would mean missing out on the concert tour that was meant to support the debut of her piano album, and it would also mean putting herself at risk of being arrested for animal cruelty. 

What will Sue decide?


The Fault In Our Meows


The Fault In Our Meows is a book I wrote about a kitty who becomes suicidal after his owner commits suicide.

Overall this is a pretty suicidal book.  If you’re interested in purchasing a copy just find my books link in the Pussy Tantrum menu.

You could tell Rose Byrne was sad but she didn’t want to cry in front of all these guys, but she made the grumpiest face ever.

Then Rose Byrne was in a room with all these guys with shiny buttons on their shirts, and they had guns and one guy was like, “Sorry Mr. Rose Byrne but catching these criminals is totally impossible, it was too random.”

But Rose Byrne was like, “I want justice!  You cops suck!  I should totally clean up this city myself.”

“You can’t buy guns in this city Rose Byrne,” the cop said, and he had a mustache and was like, “Be a good Rose Byrne and go home.  Find a new wife.  You can’t just go around totally getting revenge.  It’s not like you have a death wish or something.”

“Humph!” Rose Byrne said, “Maybe I do have a death wish.  I used to be a totally liberal accountant and think that criminals needed fair trials, but my family’s murder changed me.  Now I totally need to get revenge so I can feel happy again.”

Then in another scene Rose Byrne was on vacation in Texas for some reason, and this guy in a cowboy hat was like, “Y’all are cool Rose Byrne.  Here’s a gun I got y’all as a gift.”

Then the guy gave Rose Byrne the giantest gun ever.  And then the rest of the movie Rose Byrne walked around New York shooting bad people with her gun, and her face looked totally happy, and even her sad Rose Byrne eyes looked happy, and she made a finger-gun with her hand and pointed it out the screen at us, like me and the bird were bad guys she was gonna shoot, then it was the end…

On the way out of the theater Kittles heard the fat guy complaining to the girl in the ticket booth.

Ghostly Ellis-Bextor

My latest book Ghostly Ellis-Bextor is about to drop on every EBook platform except Amazon (since I was banned from Amazon for life).

Ghostly Ellis-Bextor was inspired by the British pop star Sophie Ellis-Bextor and it’s an awesome book if you like stories about pyschotic kitties, abusive spooky ghosts, and mean puppies.

If you’re not familiar with Sophie Ellis-Bextor you should check out her video below:

And if you’d like a copy of Ghostly Ellis-Bextor just click on the picture below: