My Screenwriting Journey #5: Outlining


For the fifth part of my screenwriting class I was supposed to do a general plot outline with a three act structure.

I did this for the film I plan to make called Night Of The Fiends.

So here is my rough outline.

Once the movie is made it will be cool for people to see its gay beginnings in this outline:

Act One:

1950s Hollywood:

A feral cat named Meowa wakes up to find that her kitten is missing.  There is a note written in blood saying that her kitten has been taken to The House Of The Demons and will be sacrificed.  Meowa needs to find her way to The House Of The Demons but she can’t drive, so she has to trick humans into driving her there.  Meowa is aware of the house’s location because it’s a famous haunted house in town.

At the same time up and coming actor James Dean is humiliated by his idol Marlon Brando who tells him he’ll never have the life experience to become a great actor.

Meowa happens to overhear this incident and decides to use it to her advantage by drawing up fake invitations to a party at a haunted house and leaves them for James Dean to find.

Act Two:

James Dean falls for Meowa’s ruse and gets a group of his friends to drive to the haunted house hoping that he’ll get some life experience from being around ghosts.  Meowa hitches on to the back of the car.

The car gets into a crash after the driver notices Meowa hanging off the roof.

Meowa is forced to explain herself although she is only able to communicate with meowing.

The group makes it to the house where they are promptly slaughtered by the Satanic cult members.

Act Three:

James Dean and Meowa manage to kill the cult members and find her kitten, but then a demon comes through a portal and grabs the kitten.

James Dean is injured trying to fight the demon and Meowa sacrifices herself in battle with the demon.

James Dean escapes with the kitten, he is saddened by the death of Meowa, but he now has the life experience to become a great actor.

The kitten and James Dean drive to Marlon Brando’s house and throw eggs all over it, then they drive away laughing.


My Screenwriting Journey #2: Patterns, Goals, and Obstacles


For the second lesson in my screenwriting class we learned about what makes a story.  The reading dealt with patterns, the heroic journey, character goals, and the obstacles characters face.

The focus of the lesson seems to be this idea:

A story follows a character as he or she tries to overcome obstacles in order to achieve a goal.

One of the exercises was to put your iPod on shuffle and form a story from the first ten song titles that pop up.  This was mine:

Sad 2

I’ll Be Faithful To You

Fall Behind Me

I’ll Fly Away



This Old House

The Money Will Roll Right In

One Of Us

Sharks Can’t Sleep

This is the story I came up with based on these titles:

Two sad pilots both believe they are being cheated on by their wives and have fallen behind in their mortgage payments.  A french criminal named Denis offers them money to fly him under the ocean with an experimental submarine plane in order to steal a treasure from an old undersea house that is guarded by a gang of sharks.  A shark named Sweetie eats Denis and the plane.  One of the pilots decides to stay behind and fight the sharks, sacrificing himself and distracting the sharks long enough to give the other pilot a chance to escape to the surface with the treasure.

The other assignment was to come up with a character and show what their goal, obstacles, and stakes were.  So this is what I came up with:

It’s 1950’s Hollywood and a feral cat must overcome her fear of humans so she can get help rescuing her kitten from a group of Satan worshippers.

This idea evolved from my original idea to write a movie about James Dean having to spend the night in a demon haunted house.  I decided to make the main character be a feral cat, and the cat will have to enlist the aid of James Dean to save her kitten from the Satan worshippers and also fight a demon.  I’m sure this idea will continue to change as I progress through the course.

My Screenwriting Journey #1: The Beginning


I started taking this cheap online screenwriting class.  I watch a lot of movies so I figured it would be cool to try writing one of my own.

For the first assignment we had to write a one sentence concept for a movie, so this is mine:

It’s 1954 in Hollywood and James Dean must overcome his fear of the supernatural so that he can spend the night in a demon haunted house to win the respect of Marlon Brando.

I plan to call this movie Night Of The Fiends.  My actual idea, beyond this one sentence concept, is a lot more bizarre and it involves kitties, but I couldn’t really work that into the simple one sentence concept restriction.

So I hope you will join me on my screenwriting journey and see where it goes!