Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart is back!


A few months ago a famous author got me banned from every publishing platform.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making all my books available again but Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart is one of the most important and bunniest books I ever wrote.  It’s not available again my Payhip store under the Bunnula Publishing imprint.

Why not click here to get your copy today!

Check Out The Wet Clits Paperback!

I got my sample of The Wet Clits paperback today.  I designed it myself using Lulu.  DIY is always the way to go with books man!

I took some photographs of the book, which I think came out totally awesome.  Check out the photos and if you’re looking for a great gift this Christmas why don’t you buy somebody a copy of The Wet Clits?

You can find a link in the Pussy Tantrum menu, just click where it says The Wet Clits Paperback!!!

It’s one of the best novels ever written!

Check out Brittany Chipette posing with the book.  Doesn’t she look hot?  She’s the inspiration for The Wet Clits and pretty much everything I do.  She’s my muse bruh!



Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart


The opening pages from a yellowed copy of my book Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart.  This book has not been in print since the late 1960’s but you can get a digital copy by clicking here!

Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart tells the story of a shark, kitty, and bunny who are forced to team up to destroy a murderous Eagle.  The book also features a performance by Poppy!

It’s not easy to get people to buy and read weird books like the ones I write, but you really have nothing to lose, if you hate the book you can always get a refund!


Call Me By Your AIDS And Other Upcoming Projects

I am currently working on a couple of new books.  It never takes me long because my books are usually less than twenty pages or less, and I don’t really edit them.

It’s the way you have to write on the streets, when you’re running from bullets and people are throwing pieces of crack at you, you have to write and publish as fast as you can.

Don’t ever spend more than two minutes on the cover art either, and try to use crayons whenever you can.

I drew these two book covers for books I plan to write, and I’m gonna come up with the plots using this random Creepypasta plot generator:


Call Me By Your AIDS probably involves a green cat, a witch, a dimensional doorway, and a blob monster.


Charles Manson Vs. The Lords Of AIDSTown is probably about a real estate dispute between maniacs.


Squad Goals is the story of a bunny murder gang who are thrown for a loop when their toughest member comes out a gay.