The Pussy Centipede #47: The Return Of Bobby Trendy

I’m happy to post a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This will be the third episode I scripted in advance and so far I’ve been able to keep up with my weekly schedule of releasing an episode every Wednesday.

This episode was recorded on cassette tape using a Tascam machine, I had hoped to be able to record this on a Sony MiniDisc recorder but, unfortunately, the MiniDisc I bought on EBay was not working properly and I had to return it.  I hope one day I’ll be able to find a MiniDisc recorder in working order.

Here is the new episiode, which details the return of the greatest villain The Pussy Centipede has seen so far, notorious interior designer Bobby Trendy!

Listen To The Pussy Centipede!


I know I posted earlier about my return to The Pussy Centipede, but I’ve never really posted about the show itself.

The Pussy Centipede is a storytelling podcast that was inspired by puppies, kitties, The Anna Nicole Smith Show, and The Human Centipede.  It’s hosted by my alter ego Kid Clit or Clit Kid, he’s the baddest radio DJ this side of Cincinnati and has often been compared to Alan Berg.

Alan Berg

It’s lit AF and you really need to check it out.  So far there’s twenty-one episodes.  Just click the photos or find the link in the Pussy Tantrum menu!



The Pussy Centipede Returns

 It’s been a while since I’ve recorded an episode of The Pussy Centipede.  I had gotten bored of doing it and since it’s supposed to be the funnest thing ever made I didn’t feel right doing it if I wasn’t having the funnest time ever.  Guess I was just burned out bro and I just wasn’t feeling it.  It’s like how Kurt Cobain wasn’t feeling it on the stage so he quit doing music and wrote a suicide note.

But I got the urge to start doing it again, so here’s my new episode.  I am gonna aim to do a weekly episode going forward bro!  To be honest, I wanna say, I’m genuinely curious as to how people will react to this.  I mean it’s just my opinion and no offense.  I’m also going to post a totally new drawing that I do with my totally new Crayola markers with each episode, including the rough outline I write for each episode.

So click the picture below to hear the new The Pussy Centipede: