The Pussy Centipede #49: Duran Duran Lily Allen AIDS Mask Herpes Face

Today’s episode of The Pussy Centipede is possibly the most exciting episode yet! Not only is it hosted by princess Kate Middleton but it also features British superstars Simon LeBon and Lily Allen!

This episode is a tribute to British culture and ’80s horror slasher films and features a score by the talented White Bat Audio!  If you’re in need of royalty free horror music make sure to check out his channel on Youtube!

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The Mystery Of Pussy High (A Lost Television Series)


In the summer of 1985 the city of Seattle got its first UHF channel, KTZZ-TV Channel 22.  For the most part this fledgling network aired mundane news segments and public affairs reports.

However, many children growing up in the Seattle area at the time have foggy memories of a bizarre show called Pussy High.  Pussy High told the story of a cat named Kitty Krueger and his experiences as a student at Pussy High, a high school.

It’s impossible to find any footage of the actual show at this point but I was able to get in touch with Seattle native Matt Jones.  Mr. Jones sent me some photos he has that prove the show did exist at some point.  I’m not sure how he was able to get these pictures, but at this point in time they are the only evidence that Pussy High ever existed.

If you grew up in Seattle in the ’80s and happened to have recorded any episodes of Pussy High off the TV please contact me.  I would pay good money for footage of this show.