Doctor Of Kitties

I have drawn Doctor Of Kitties many times, but this time I decided to draw him in the style of the kitty from the opening titles of Spider Baby.  If you follow this site you may have seen my older post about Spider Baby star Jill Banner, and you know how I think it’s the greatest movie ever made.

If you haven’t been listening to The Pussy Centipede just click on this picture of Doctor Of Kitties and you will be transported to the Radio Public page for The Pussy Centipede!


I Love Laura Branigan

I am a huge fan of Laura Branigan.  I consider her the greatest singer ever, even better than Poppy and Katy Perry.

Here is a picture of my Laura Branigan cassette tape:


Here’s the episode of Monsters that featured Laura Branigan:

Here is a video for Laura Branigan’s hit song Gloria:

Laura Branigan died of a brain aneurysm in 2004.  It’s sad, but I prefer to always remember her the way she was in the video for Gloria.  My love for her is eternal.  To live is to die! #neverforget

The Pussy Centipede #30 & #31

Sometimes it can be really discouraging seeing how dumb and phony society has become.  But maybe it was always phony, like in The Catcher In The Rye that kid thought everyone was phony.

It’s really hard not to give into the bad feelings sometimes, but I know there are still a lot of good people in the world.  And I know we have heroes like Laura Loomer who spend every day fighting to expose the evil in the world!

I also recorded two more episodes of The Pussy Centipede, sometimes trying to do the most innovative podcast ever can seem like a daunting task, I can get overwhelmed by self doubt and be like “What if this isn’t the greatest thing anyone has ever done?”

But then I listen to it and it becomes clear that I am probably some kind of genius, and also the most talented person ever.  Click on the photos below to listen to the new episodes!

The Pussy Centipede #30: Global Centipede





The Pussy Centipede #31: The Moon In Vaginal Retrograde + Rape


The Pussy Centipede Episodes #28 & #29

I recorded two more episodes of The Pussy Centipede.  I’ve begun to experiment with computery voices and soundboards in order to help usher The Pussy Centipede into the future world of 2019!

I’m hoping to release at least one new episode a week.  Also, I’ve noticed that if you listen to the show on Anchor there are really long pauses in between the segments, so it’s better to listen to the show on Sticher or Radio Public or one of the other platforms it’s available on!

Click the images below to hear the new episodes!

Episode #28: Abortion Is Murder!


Episode #29: First Aid Kit Fireworks


The Pussy Centipede #27: The Cum Whisperer

This will probably be the last new episode of The Pussy Centipede for 2018.  I dedicate it to Bre Layton.  A brilliant voice we lost too soon.  Proper journalism, which is the sort that Bre did, exposes corruption and opens people’s eyes.  She wasn’t some fat, putrid, lying turd like CNN’s Bryan Stelter.  She was a true journalist, the eyes and ears of the people.

What I do isn’t journalism, but I like to believe that The Pussy Centipede exposes corruption and uncovers the truth in its own special way.

Please click the picture of Bre to hear the new episode, and have a happy new year!  And remember to seek out the people who will tell you the truth, the people who will refuse to let you hide in your echo chamber of lies!

Bre Payton 1992-2018

The Twilight Zone: Mirror Mirror


December 25th is The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling’s birthday so I wanted to write a post about my favorite of the episodes he wrote.

Mirror Mirror tells the story of this lady who is confronted by her mirror image (or doppelganger) while waiting at a bus station in upstate New York.

I always loved the idea of evil doppelgangers from a mirror universe, and I love how this episode never explains what the mirror person is. It leaves enough to the imagination so that the story can be effectively creepy.

I had recently been thinking of writing my own sequel to this story where the main characters would be a kitty and a rat at a bus station and their mirror images would throw a bucket of cum at them.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen Mirror Mirror I suggest you watch it immediately. I really hope that Jordan Peele makes a remake of this episode for his The Twilight Zone reboot series.  I could see Beth from This Is Us doing a great job in the lead role.