Vintage Film Footage

I found a VHS tape with a bunch of home movies.  It looks like they were shot on Super 8 film sometime in the 1960s in Texas.  There is some cool shit on here, including shots of a helicopter flying towards an oil rig.

I uploaded it all onto my alternate YouTube channel, it’s pretty grainy.  It might be cool to download it and cut it into one of your own projects, feel free to use it for whatever:

The Pussy Centipede #56: An Imitation Of Bunnula (Featuring Linnea Quigley)!

It’s the one year anniversary of The Pussy Centipede podcast, a show I started as an experiment, to just try to have fun creating without worrying too much about quality or production values.

I think that this episode is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever done and it’s awesome to have one of my favorite actresses Linnea Quigley take part in it.  I think that I made some mistakes on the sound quality and whatever but it is what it is and there’s nothing else like it: