Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart is back!


A few months ago a famous author got me banned from every publishing platform.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to making all my books available again but Where The Cunt Blood Enters The Heart is one of the most important and bunniest books I ever wrote.  It’s not available again my Payhip store under the Bunnula Publishing imprint.

Why not click here to get your copy today!

LaBamba VHS Found Footage




I buy a lot of blank VHS tapes at thrift stores, and sometimes I come across awesome footage that was taped off the TV.  One of my best finds was a broadcast of LaBamba that was aired some time in 1990, including all the commercials, this was actually the network television premiere of the film.

LaBamba is one of my favorite movies of all time, and I still have vivid memories of my older sister taking me to see it in the theater when I was seven.

To preserve the footage, I transferred the tape to digital format, and have decided to upload it here to share with all the people who support my podcast and website.

So please enjoy this video time capsule, the first few minutes is the end of Back To Future.




The Pussy Centipede Travels Into Future!


I am happy to announce that The Pussy Centipede podcast will now be recorded on advanced cassette technology.  We are moving podcasting into the analog future!

So many lazy jerks record their podcast using antiquated digital technologies, which is probably why they are all so shitty and lame!

So our newest episode, The Pussy Centipede #41: All Scorpions Are Born In Late February, will be the first ever podcast recorded on cassette tape recording technology!

All New The Pussy Centipede Featuring John Lydon Of The Sex Pistols!


I’m excited to announce the 40th episode of The Pussy Centipede has just dropped.  It’s hard to believe we’ve come so far since the first episode when a humble Doctor Of Puppies and his scorpion friend decided to build a centipede by attaching a bunch of kitties asshole to mouth hole!

The fortieth episode is the third featuring our new host Bunnula the bunny vampire and also features a special guest, John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) of The Sex Pistols and Public Image Limited.

Please click The Pussy Centipede link in the site menu to hear the new episode!

The Mystery Of Pussy High (A Lost Television Series)


In the summer of 1985 the city of Seattle got its first UHF channel, KTZZ-TV Channel 22.  For the most part this fledgling network aired mundane news segments and public affairs reports.

However, many children growing up in the Seattle area at the time have foggy memories of a bizarre show called Pussy High.  Pussy High told the story of a cat named Kitty Krueger and his experiences as a student at Pussy High, a high school.

It’s impossible to find any footage of the actual show at this point but I was able to get in touch with Seattle native Matt Jones.  Mr. Jones sent me some photos he has that prove the show did exist at some point.  I’m not sure how he was able to get these pictures, but at this point in time they are the only evidence that Pussy High ever existed.

If you grew up in Seattle in the ’80s and happened to have recorded any episodes of Pussy High off the TV please contact me.  I would pay good money for footage of this show.



Moon Interviews: Pussy Tantrum

Thinking Moon



Yes, you heard that right, I’m interviewing fellow blogger; the genre master, Pussy Tantrum. My reasoning was originally I was just interested in their work. There is a certain enigma to their respective sites. However, the more I viewed their endeavours the more curious I became.

In a world where outcry/cancel culture is rampant, I worry for artists and writers like Pussy Tantrum. They say themselves that they are not making millions off their work, but they are working none the less. However, they may not be everyone’s proverbial cup of tea and challenge the status quo. So in accordance with this, they often are punished for it.

They were banned from Twitter 5 times according to them, and while they probably more or less broke Twitter’s terms of service, it’s their banishment from Amazon which disturbs me. Although Amazon took down a book, which Pussy Tantrum…

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It’s been a while since I posted on here.  I’ve been busy with moving into a new place and working on sets for my upcoming series Pussy High.

If you listen to The Pussy Centipede you might be aware that the show has gone through a lot of changes lately.  I recently decided to change hosts because being Kid Clit was starting to get boring.  The new host is a vampire bunny named Bunnula.  I hope you get the chance to check out the latest episodes of The Pussy Centipede and that you enjoy Bunnula’s work.

You can find the link for the show in the site menu above.  If you enjoy The Pussy Centipede please make sure to share it with all your friends and on your social media accounts.