Being Totally Peaceful


I was thinking about getting banned from Amazon and Twitter and how it was my fault, it was shitty of me to publish a book making fun of Chuck Wendig. I know he can be a jerk but, in the end, that’s his business.

Is it worth getting caught up in these stupid culture wars? Does insulting people and mocking people accomplish anything?

I am retiring the Kitty Glitter name, it has become associated with too much mean-spirited activity. Being a dick no longer interests me.

Under the Cum Carmichael/Pussy Tantrum name I shall become an agent of peace and love, and creation. To be an outsider artist means you devote your life to creation, creation must be apolitical if it is to remain pure.

The picture of John Lennon that accompanies this post was made to honor a man who devoted his life to peace and love.

There’s so much meanness in the world, to contribute any more is a waste of life, and even worse, it’s a waste of imagination.

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