The Twilight Zone: Mirror Mirror


December 25th is The Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling’s birthday so I wanted to write a post about my favorite of the episodes he wrote.

Mirror Mirror tells the story of this lady who is confronted by her mirror image (or doppelganger) while waiting at a bus station in upstate New York.

I always loved the idea of evil doppelgangers from a mirror universe, and I love how this episode never explains what the mirror person is. It leaves enough to the imagination so that the story can be effectively creepy.

I had recently been thinking of writing my own sequel to this story where the main characters would be a kitty and a rat at a bus station and their mirror images would throw a bucket of cum at them.

Anyway, if you’ve never seen Mirror Mirror I suggest you watch it immediately. I really hope that Jordan Peele makes a remake of this episode for his The Twilight Zone reboot series.  I could see Beth from This Is Us doing a great job in the lead role.

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