How To Fight Thought Control?


It can be discouraging.  Every time I start to get things going or build a buzz for my work I get censored.  Chuck Wendig lies to get me banned from Amazon, Twitter shadowbans my account.

Two other times in the past Twitter shut my account down altogether and I had to rebuild my following from scratch.  I make some good connections and then become invisible to them.

I know it’s bad to put all your eggs in one basket, but so far Twitter has been my best resource as far as promotion goes.  Gab is a waste of time, people on there only care about politics, Minds is the same thing.  It’s all politics, no room for people who only want to talk about art and creating.

It’s depressing and confusing.  Chuck Wendig can use Twitter to incite violence against conservatives and his Tweets go viral, Twitter encourages this sort of behavior.  But a silly podcast about kitty doctors is unacceptable to them, the word pussy is too dangerous for them.  What the fuck?

Somebody please make a viable alternative to Twitter, a true haven for free speech.

How else do I promote my work?  Can anyone give me some advice?

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