Exclusive Excerpt From Call Me By Your AIDS!


Call Me By Your AIDS is my newest book and it’s going to introduce the best character ever, a tough kitty named Master Of Cumming.  The book is going through a final edit and I’m not ready to release it yet, but I thought it would be cool to post this exclusive excerpt for all my fans:

“Tell me about your dreams,”  Hot Witch said as she poured some Frankenberry cereal into Master Of Cumming’s bowl.


“It was like Mysterious Skin,” Master Of Cumming said, “when that kid’s getting raped by his baseball coach, and it’s like he’s throwing Corn Pops all over him and it’s like a rain of kid cereals.  And it’s all colorful. That’s the dream I had, except it was Frankenberry, and Count Chocula, and Boo Berry. It was a rain of monster cereal all over me. And there was this girl there in a pink princess dress and she kissed me and smeared lipstick all over my fur and said “I don’t love you’. I felt hurt and started crying.  Then I woke up and was like What the fuck I don’t have feelings, I’m the toughest kitty ever. It’s like in the dream world I knew what love felt like even though in real life I’m not a pussy.”


Hot Witch got up from the table, took a box of Boo Berry down from the shelf, and poured herself a bowl.  


The tape playing Mazzy Star faded into Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and Master Of Cumming’s fur fluffed out in excitement.  


Hot Witch started playing around on her tits and making her cleavage all pushed together and she was like, “You think my cleavage looks good today?”

I will be posting links as soon as Call Me By Your AIDS is available!  Please comment below and let me know what you think of the excerpt!

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