A Tribute To Jill Banner

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Jill Banner was an actress who starred in Spider Baby, she was a good actress and played this girl who thought she was a spider.  People said she was pretty weird in real life and that her character in Spider Baby wasn’t totally just acting.

Jill Banner was actually a spidery person.

She was really hot too and dated Marlon Brando for a while until she died in a bad car accident.


Even though she wasn’t in a lot of movies I will always consider Jill Banner to be both my favorite actress ever, and the best actress ever.  I believe that this statement is true because Spider Baby is widely considered to be the best movie ever, one time I watched it three times in a single week.


Jill Banner’s performance in Spider Baby was very influential on me.  It made me want to be a spider.

In 1982 Jill Banner’s Toyota was hit by a truck on the Ventura Freeway, and she died.  I would have liked to have known Jill Banner, but I was only two years old when she died.


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