Creepypasta Plot Generator


I drew this creepy picture just to go along with this post.

A lot of times people will want to write a story so they can self-publish their way into superstardom and be as famous as me.

One of the biggest obstacles to doing this is not having ideas, but with modern technology your lack of creativity is no longer a problem, just use the Random Creepypasta plot generator and you’re all set!

Here are some examples of the awesome plots that this machine will generate for you:

On Halloween night, a lost woman, a lost woman, and an old man accidentally destroy a wrecked plane haunted by an evil spirit after wearing a pendant possessed by the spirit of a mental patient.

One night in a wrecked plane haunted by a strange creature, a janitor reads from a clay tablet and tries to summon a restless spirit.

One morning, a boy, a boy, and a widower receive a disturbing pair of earrings in the mail while searching for an insane man.

Three awesome plots that will write themselves.  No more excuses for not becoming a superstar of the Kindle underground!

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