Being Totally Peaceful


I was thinking about getting banned from Amazon and Twitter and how it was my fault, it was shitty of me to publish a book making fun of Chuck Wendig. I know he can be a jerk but, in the end, that’s his business.

Is it worth getting caught up in these stupid culture wars? Does insulting people and mocking people accomplish anything?

I am retiring the Kitty Glitter name, it has become associated with too much mean-spirited activity. Being a dick no longer interests me.

Under the Cum Carmichael/Pussy Tantrum name I shall become an agent of peace and love, and creation. To be an outsider artist means you devote your life to creation, creation must be apolitical if it is to remain pure.

The picture of John Lennon that accompanies this post was made to honor a man who devoted his life to peace and love.

There’s so much meanness in the world, to contribute any more is a waste of life, and even worse, it’s a waste of imagination.

The Pussy Centipede: This Sweet Kittyness

When The Pussy Centipede podcast comes back I will be doing an adaptation/homage to my favorite novel: Patricia Highsmith’s This Sweet Sickness.

It’s not really going to be a straight adaptation since I don’t have the rights, it’s just going to be a really similar story, with a really similar plot.  This is going to be the most ambitious thing I’ve tried with The Pussy Centipede, and it might also be the crappiest.

It’s likely that nobody will enjoy this except for me.  I made this preview poster for it, check it out!


Pussy High: The Journey Begins


Today I wrote the first draft of the first episode of Pussy High.  I am not very experience with writing scripts or making films.  It’s going to take a lot of work to get this first episode done.  But I have the dolls, I have the camera, and I have the toy high school ready!

I’ve decided that for the time being my Kitty Glitter persona is dead. I wrote one new story under that name recently, it was called Strung Out On Cum.  I wrote it with the intention of submitting it to a zine called Underbelly.  They ended up rejecting it.  I may submit it somewhere else, I think it’s a pretty cool story.

I achieved a lot under the Kitty Glitter name.  I wrote Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine, the most legendary Star Trek fan fiction ever.  I also destroyed Chuck Wendig and made him cry by writing  Soy Wars: The Soylence Of The Lambs.

Kitty Glitter has done enough.  It’s time to move on.

Since I’ve been doing The Pussy Centipede podcast under the name name Pussy Tantrum I decided that my creator name for Pussy High will be Cum Carmichael.

Cum Carmichael’s Pussy High!

Get ready fuckface!


On The Importance Of The Pussy Centipede

Chap, I do not care if you ever listen to The Pussy Centipede, or if you ever purchase one of my crappy kitty porno books.  But it occurred to me this morning that before The Pussy Centipede came along nobody had ever questioned the podcast as an art-form.  It seems as though most fellows were quite content to record interviews with famous mediocrities, speak about a film or book they enjoyed or hated, cry about some sort of political issue, or regurgitate spooky urban legends.

Nobody had ever though to play, to experiment, to use the podcasting form as if it were a box of crayons.  Nobody before I that is!

The importance of The Pussy Centipede is that podcasting has more possibilities, it has the ability to become something greater than what it has been.  Podcasting is a powerful creative tool, much like a crayon.  Nobody ever used a crayon to regurgitate tired Star Wars criticism or attack SJWs.  Or perhaps they have chap?

Regardless, to be a creator is noble, even if you fail.  To be a pop culture whore is not noble.  Do you want to use your imagination to cry about Star Wars or Star Trek or say “Every movie sucks!” or “Every movie is awesome!” or do you want to create something of your own, bring something into the universe that has never existed?

Granted, it’s easy to get people to care about your pop culture prostitution.  It’s easy to sell your imagination much like a whore’s pussy.  So if that’s what you want then go make another Star Wars review show or horror movie fan boy show, go make another true crime podcast and regurgitate stories that have already been regurgitated a million times over.  Sometimes it may be easier to bring absolutely nothing to the table.

Look at Ethan Van Sciver, he was once a great artist, but ask most people today and they only know about his Youtube videos where he cries about Star Wars movies and opines on Brie Larson’s face.

He has become nothing more than a prostitute, a pawn in the giant Disney machine.

Humans are born with a great gift, a gift that cats and puppies do not have, that gift is the imagination.  Why not use it? Why not choose to be a creator and not a regurgitator!

The Pussy Centipede will be going on a brief hiatus, the story of the puppy centipede and Bobby Trendy’s treachery has concluded.  You may hear the newest episode by clicking the photograph below!



The Pussy Centipede #33: The Serbian Powers Of Mila Kunis!

In this exciting new episode of The Pussy Centipede Mila Kunis is forced to invoke her Serbian powers!

This episode is sponsored by @TheBruvsTV.  Follow them on Twitter and look up their totally awesome animated series The Bruvs on Youtube!

I drew this picture of my favorite Fox News reporter Emily Compagno sitting on Doctor Of Kittes.  Click the picture to hear the new episode:



The Pussy Centipede #32: Paul Joseph Watson’s Improper Cum Guilt

I’m excited to announce a new episode of The Pussy Centipede.  This episode focuses on Paul Joseph Watson’s improper guilt.  I am happy to announce that this episode also introduces the fact that Doctor Of Kitties drives a Geo Metro.

In other news I recently received my first ever review of The Pussy Centipede on Sticher, it was one star and the person said, “This podcast made my ears bleed.  Avoid at all costs!”

Isn’t that awesome?  Click the photo of the Geo Metro below to hear the new episode!